Shaded Pole Motor

Shaded Pole Motor include motor single phase small power, and is widely used for household appliances as the motor of the fan, blender. Construction is very simple, at both ends of the stator there are two wires attached and connected shorted function as shaded phase.

Winding wound around the stator core to form such transformer winding. Rotor shaped squirrel cage and stator axis is placed at the house sustained two bearing.

Shaded pole motor-sectional slices show two parts, namely the stator winding and stator with two wires shaded pole. Parts of the rotor cage is placed in the middle of the stator, see picture

Swivel torque generated by the cleavage phase shaded pole by a wire. Simple construction, small power, reliable, easy to operate, maintenance-free and adequate supply with AC voltage of 220 V, type shaded pole motors are widely used for small household appliances.

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